Drawing OWU is a blog for students in Frank Hobbs’ Drawing courses at Ohio Wesleyan University, and for artists, and anyone involved in the practice of drawing.

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  1. Contemporary Metal Point Drawings

    • Thanks, Dennis.
      Great work. I’ve added your website link. -Frank Hobbs

      • Greetings, Frank.
        Your site was a pleasant surprise. Great resource for students. If questions arise about the process I’d be happy to answer them. I incorporated this technique into my Drawing II classes and students have been very receptive to it.


  2. Happy 2013 Frank,

    Thanks for providing this wonder resource on drawing – my favorite activity and my choice for instruction.

    Thanks for including my “Self-portriat” and especially a link to my website “Artists Sketchbook Online”
    Here is a link to some of drawings:

    Keep up the good word,


  3. Dan

    A wonderful blog. One I’ve been in search of for quite some time.

    Dan McShane

  4. Hi Frank

    Great blog and very interesting to see your collection of artists working in drawing. I’ve returned to drawing in the past two years. A link to my site is below. Hope you like them and keep up the good work.



  5. Brilliant find this- I don’t think I’ve come across anything else like this especially in the uk- great examples- it’ll keep me amused all next winter

  6. Very happy to have discovered your drawing blog! I have always drawn and it sustains me. Please take a look at my current exhibition at University of Richmond Museums: “Seeking the Darkness and the Light-Drawings of Italy.”
    Ray Ciarrocchi

  7. Wonderful site. I have returned to teaching art after 20 years of cancer/motherhood/parent caregiving and find it extremely difficult to translate what I know to my students.
    It is all here, almost.
    Anyone have some tips for beginning drawing classes and their new/old teacher?

  8. Hello!
    I found that my website is on your blog! thank you for that!
    But, the link is broken.. if you would like to change it to my new and improved website I would be grateful 🙂
    it’s noa-heyne.com

  9. I’ve enjoyed your blog and look forward to tking sometime to go through your many postings. Love drawing and seeing others works and techniques is very inspiring.


    I have no idea how I wound up here but I’m thrilled to find this amazing resource.


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