Contemporary Landscape Drawings



October 26, 2012 · 1:23 am

2 responses to “Contemporary Landscape Drawings

  1. Dov

    A great post! Landscape with no people can be so touching in the right hands… looks like the visuals for Raymons Carver…

    I adore it when most of the work is to delete the details, and decide what to leave out.

    Richard Diebenkorn – Excellent! (how dares he draw windows with no streight borders!?)
    Tom Fairs – Gives me the false feeling I could have drawn this!! (which is a compliment 🙂
    Ben Aronson and John Virtue – bring me to tears… (with eyes blurry, their wors are clearer to see)

  2. Thanks for your observations, Dov. What is said, and what is omitted is the great dialogue of drawing. There’s a great video on John Virtue that you may have seen. I’ll see if I can hunt it down for you.

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